All Sinners Night

October 30, 2010


All Sinners Night has been completed and has worldwide distribution through World Wide Multimedia/Chemical Burn and will be on most cable providers, On Demand ,PPV, as well as RedBox and Netflix ,Best BUY ,Itunes,in April 2015. It will be released on DVD in June. Look for it at and It is also making the convention rounds and its world premiere was in Chicago this past November and Atlanta February 2015. There will be magazine coverage as well as interviews that will be posted on the site so stay tuned!

Lana Williams brother Daniel has been been missing for a year,and is considered dead.Halloween marks the one year anniversary of his disappearance.She contacts Dave Shipman, a local investigative reporter whose wife comitted suicide the same night suspects a cult is responsible for her death.Beliving there is a link connecting the mysterious events surrounding their deaths,they travel to Taylorsville,Indiana on Halloween night in serch of the truth that may lead them to Daniel…or something else more evil than ever imagined.